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On the occasion of the Centennial Festival of the Arena di Verona and the bicentenaries of the births of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner, Classica and the architectural firm, Scandurra are presenting a multimedia exhibition which compares the two men, absolute geniuses in European music history, their operas and their ideas.

The exhibition is set out in areas, each area treating a subject in-depth using a  different communicative media each time: forms ranging from the classic written and illustrated explanations to listening areas only, from the projection of videos to interactive games where the visitor is invited to match images to elements which he  hears only. The entire exhibition is based on games of association – dissociation  between music and image: a ploy to constantly stimulate the visitor’s interest and to make sure he will never be bored.

The visitor is taken through areas which use key themes that recur transversely in the operas of both composers: love, the hero, night, death, a party, the arts.
Each of these themes is introduced by a short film (produced by the studio, Happycentro) which animates iconographic material, offering various cues that are subsequently analysed using appropriate explanatory material. In the end, the theme becomes the pretext for further analysis of one specific aspect which is more or less directly connected to the operas of the two protagonists: men and women’s voices, orchestral conductors, the direction, the use of Verdi or Wagner’s music in films….

At the end of the exhibition, the visitor is jokingly invited to “take sides” with one or other of the two composers, showing his preference by leaving through one or other of the two exits.

The aim of the exhibition is not only to create an occasion for cultural analysis, but above all, to provide an opportunity, in a light-hearted yet provocative tone, to compare these two musical figures who have often been considered incompatible.


 Arena Festival Hall - Palazzo della Gran Guardia

From 3rd July to 8th September 2013 - From Tuesday to Sunday - from 10.00 a.m.  to 9.00 p.m.
(With the exception of the 30th and 31st of July, August 6-7-22-25-27-28 where the hours will be from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.pm.)


Full ticket price(s): € 8,00
Reduced ticket price(s): € 5,00


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