An entire century and 100 altogether, of objects, people, ideas, challenges and situations, to celebrate the centennial of the Opera Festival of the Arena di Verona. The symbolic value of the number 100 suggests something complete, something achieved, and it has even determined the way we read and interpret history.


Hence the idea of this event which wants to celebrate the force and tenacity of its founders, by being part of a multidisciplinary project that is invading the city of Verona. Installations, sounds, mini film festivals, interactive corners of science, inventions, objects, autobiographical exhibitions and performances for a public wanting to celebrate the birth of the Opera Foundation Arena di Verona interfaced with the world.


This is an exhibition with an international dimension, aimed at involving everyone actively, online if not in person, which will assemble the contributions furnished by those who lived or whose lives shared, in some way, the birth of the Festival in 1913. These contributions will be there for us to remember, read, see and listen to, over a century of history.


100 x 100 “Back to the Future” is an exhibition of objects, information about important people, events and a lot more, centred on a precise year, that of 1913. With each of these elements we will be able to relive history, whether it be through a small anecdote or something of much greater importance, trying to decipher the messages they transmit to us a century later. The Festival of the Arena di Verona took what could appear to be sheer entertainment, or an exercise in style based on a particular year of our history, to establish its modus operandi.  


The 1913 production of Aida was spectacular, relevant and technologically advanced for its time. Aida 2013, with its début of la Fura dels Baus - their avant-garde set design and production- will be the same. This will, then, be a celebration in the celebration, a link that is strengthened, a past which is not just a memory but which has the force to influence the future.


100 x 100 “Back to the Future” we imagine as set in diverse spaces (100?) within the city of Verona. There will be people, objects, and events connected to the date 1913, not only to help us understand that epoch better, but to understand that many of these live and effect our lives even today. The exhibition with its displays, films, concerts, drama and street theatre, will mix various genres and nationalities.

From 16th July to 8th September 2013 - Arena Festival Hall - Palazzo della Gran Guardia


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