From the Arena Festival Hall will start two interactive guided tours of the city of Verona (tour "Aida" tour and "Roméo et Juliette"), the innovative and unique feature of these two tours is a mystery that the participants will reveal, through puzzles to solve along the route.

“Play The Arena Century” is a new way of visiting and discovering the city; an experience which unites cultural curiosities, emotions and the spirit of competition.

Each visit is conducted by a professional tour guide who, in narrating a story, takes the group of participants along a multilevel itinerary:
- A cultural dimension, presenting the places along the itinerary, recounting the stories linked to certain monuments or to the main points of interest in the city;
- A “play” dimension, including games stops in a narrative context, introducing games and puzzles which the participants have to resolve;
- An emotional dimension, involving the participants through the narrative, making them the protagonists of a real story.

The participants, divided into teams, will have to resolve the puzzles posted along the way in order to win the challenge.

Alone, in couples, as a family or with friends: buy a “Play The Arena Century” tour and take part in a unique experience!

You can choose between two different interactive routes of the city: the “Aida” tour and the  “Roméo et Juliette” tour; each lasts about two and a half hours.

The tour is available in Italian, English, German and Russian, all with set starting times.



There was an extremely long queue of people waiting patiently in line, hoping to get hold of one of the few remaining tickets for the grand spectacle. News of the performance of Aida in the marvellous setting of the Roman Arena in Verona had spread throughout the world and people from Germany, the United States, even Russia and Argentina had rushed to be here. To many it seemed inevitable, albeit unpleasant that, at a certain point, a scuffle would break out.
Later on, nobody would have been able to give an exact account of how it started, but between pushes, shoves and insults, even a few punches flew around.
The Police intervened but arrested only one person. While being taken to the Police Station in handcuffs, a distinguished man with a strong German accent began shouting that he had been robbed.
Nobody paid any attention.Nobody helped him.
The arrested man was put in a cell for the duration of the performance and then let free. He stayed in Verona for a few days and then returned home to Germany.
No-one ever knew of his whereabouts afterwards.



Only the sound of breaking glass remained one of her memories for many years to come. The robbery, the escape, all that had happened to her beforehand, slowly vanished from her memory. But the general’s scream and the sound of the mirror shattering to pieces still made her smile, even in the last days of her very long life. She had been in service in that palace for many years and knew well how to leave without being seen.
She kept the secret in the years to follow, when she became housekeeper at Palazzo Canossa. It was only when she got very old that she remembered she was in possession of a very important secret and realized she wouldn’t be able to take it with her beyond the tomb.
She revealed it to her niece who, before the incident faded into oblivion forever, decided to confide it to me.




From 3rd July to 8th September, 2013, the Tour leaves from the Arena Festival Hall  - Palazzo della Gran Guardia

Full ticket price(s): € 20,00
Reduced ticket price(s): € 10,00